Name: Sarah Peart

Big Ballet was an unexpected, once in a lifetime experience, that will never leave me. I hope my experience inspires others to follow their dreams, in any aspect of their lives. Life is too short not to.

Sarah started dancing when she was 4 years old. After finding that ballet was not for her, Sarah progressed to Tap and Modern classes at age 6. Sarah then went on to be a British champion baton twirler specializing in military marching and dance twirl and a regional champion in synchronized swimming.

Sarah gave up dancing when she was 15 years old and didn't go back until taking part in the Big Ballet series. Sarah took part in the series to prove that it was possible to train as a ballet dancer at any age and physique. She discovered that she loved the fitness levels and degree of discipline that ballet requires. Although continuing to take part in as many classes as she is able to, Sarah focused her efforts into working in the community and championing ballet as a fun way to keep fit and changing art form in her city.

Sarah is a working artist, interested in drawing, installations and performance art. Sarah would love to have the chance of working with sets and costumes and would be interested to perform again.

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Twitter: @Layzbones