Name: Raj Parmar

To me, ballet is a very focussed dance skill that I personally believe is seen as the foundation of dance. I wish I had learnt ballet when I was younger

Raj started his career in media and entertainment at the young age of 13 as a radio presenter for Sunrise Radio and Club Asia. As a trained Bollywood dancer he setup his own company at the age of 18 (Spice Entertainment). Raj has featured in many British Asian music videos, dramas, My Super Sweet UK and even appeared as a contestant on Deal or No Deal in 2006. He loved every minute of Big Ballet as it was a completely new style of dance.

Since the show Raj has been booked for many public appearances as well as appearing in India's biggest TV soap 'Saraswatichandra'. Raj regularly hosts events and is now looking to pursue other Acting/dance work in TV and events.