Preparing for Leeds Women celebration event

By Sarah Peart


I am very pleased to announce that following our success last year presenting the ballet flash mob to Leeds city council, we have been asked to return this year!! We will be doing a presentation as a group about our individual progress, as dancers, since appearing on the program and our plans for the future. This week we have been preparing our own material for the presentation. We're proud that Northern Ballet has agreed to raise members from their seats with a short energiser session in accordance with last years successful workshops. By doing this they will also promote their own adult classes which have become very popular since the program.

Last years women's day saw us presenting a powerpoint presentation to a group of community leaders and council representatives about the importance of ballet to health and well-being. This followed on from the ideology of the program and aimed to ballet more inclusive. The members took part in workshops to teach them the basic moves and then they were included in the flash mob performance in Millennium Square. Quite a sight to see!!

I am looking forward to seeing all my big ballet friends again and I am grateful to Leeds city council for offering us a fantastic networking opportunity.

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